Smarty AI

Smarty unifies task management & calendar scheduling into one clean application. Powered with a natural language processing interface, users can enter text to create tasks, events, scheduling links and more.

To communicate the capabilities of Smarty's suite of scheduling & task management tools, a marketing site was designed with animated visual content & graphics to demonstrate how Smarty can help users.
After user testing and research, the sign-up experience was designed to let first-time users explore the app interface without requiring any login or form information. Thus lowering the barrier of entry for new users to experience Smarty's feature set, as well as onboard to the app through engagement with the platform itself.
Powered by a natural language processing interface, the Smarty app lets users build content through a purely textual UI, such as the / command to create Tasks, Notes, Events and Scheduling Links. Both calendar events and tasks list were designed to be unified into one clean view, allowing users to more efficiently use their time without context switching between multiple applications.
Based on user research of existing systems & methodologies Smarty's target demographic use to handle managing tasks & scheduling events, the app was designed to emphasize a clean minimal UI so users can focus on what's important. To add contextual information when required, users can simply type as they would in a physical notebook or calendar, triggering natural language driven actions.
Smarty handles task management and scheduling for users, and the AI powered auto-scheduling feature allows users to avoid conflicts and prioritize their most important tasks. The UI was designed to help automate actions for users but still let them have discrete control.
Users can also view their scheduled Tasks & Events in a calendar UI view, and create shareable Scheduling Links. Free times are auto-detected, and reminders go out automatically; with the app design streamlined to help users take the work out of connecting with others, so they can focus on the activity at hand itself not scheduling it.
Lead product designer, creating the foundational core interface for Smarty's responsive desktop & mobile app, and Chrome extension. Working closely with the CEO and engineering team, created the foundational UI component library and app interfaces, as well as conducted user research & testing.

Product Design

UI/UX Design

User Research