The Arrivals is a NYC based fashion line focusing on classic, architecturally-inspired garments exclusively available online.

Principle product designer & front-end engineer responsible for the creation and implementation of interface designs for a responsive, cross-platform e-commerce web app. Translating marketing needs and promotions into a highly polished user experience, as well as designing and developing bi-weekly interactive campaigns, supporting multiple product launches, and improved the site interface based on A/B studies.


Product Design

UI/UX Development






As a high-end NYC fashion line, The Arrivals required bi-weekly interactive campaigns, supporting continuous product launches. Creating new campaign designs in regular sprint intervals required standardization of the Arrival's branded visual design system and prioritizing high impact & fast turn over of designs.

Leveraging interest

The interactive e-commerce store was designed & developed to display the rich array of products in multiple-styles, with a focus on the consumer user navigation experience by creating sorting filters based on best selling, price or inventory. With user analysis we learned that many of our customers purchased item regardless of traditional fashion categories of 'Men' vs. 'Women' so we introduced a filter option for 'Genderless' apparel items.

Detailed garment information & product suggestions

Product detail pages needed to display rich imagery detailing the product's aesthetic as well as information regarding fit, materials, and allowing users to receive contextual information before making a purchase commitment. As well as a UI design to provide suggestions of similar product styles to convert user interest into more potential purchasing options.

View/buy from anywhere

As an e-commerce brand, The Arrivals needed mobile-first designs so users could view and purchase products across any device type, and a responsive website UX was designed & developed.

An architectural interface

With an emphasis on its architectural roots, a structural & textured UI was created focusing on visually displaying compelling imagery and video content.

The results

Creating The Arrivals e-commerce platform from 0-1 launch resulted in 30% year-over-year revenue growth from our debut. The Arrivals became a globally recognized outerwear leader and won Fast Company's 'Most Innovative Companies' award for design excellence.

Product Design

UI/UX Development