Lumi ID is a digital identification tool that gives users accurate, localized information about how brand packaging is made, and how to recycle it responsibly with a single QR code.

Product designer and front-end developer of a mobile-first digital experience triggered from physical products via QR codes to support sustainability & transparency in packaging.


Product design

User research

UI/UX Development


Augmented reality

Mobile application




Lumi ID integrates seamlessly with branding, messaging and physical product. Lumi ID generates a QR code that can be printed on any packaging including boxes, envelopes, jars, bottles, cans, tubes, publications, labels and collateral. As new platform features and best practices become available, packaging information stays accurate without requiring print plate changes.

A Mobile first approach

With their smart phone, customers of an e-commerce brand can scan QR codes on packaging materials to learn more about a brand's sustainability efforts, the life cycle of the packaging materials itself, and how to recycle it with up-to-date, localized disposal options using the latest best practices.

Real-time localized recycling

Every city has its own regulations, which can make it difficult for a brand's customer service teams to answer questions accurately. Lumi ID is a universal system for every type of packaging tied to real-time data, giving users accurate information about a brand's packaging materials, sustainability mission and certifications.

Brand narrative

From the brand's dashboard, not only can companies provide localized recycling information and life cycle information about their packaging, but also share their brand's environmental mission and link to their sustainability page.

Augmented Reality for a healthier planet

From physical touch points (on an e-commerce brand's packaging materials) users can scan the QR code from their phone to learn more about the brand's sustainability efforts, the life cycle of their packaging materials, and how best to recycle the materials based on localized information.

Product design

User research

UI/UX Development